Torture Therapy Part 2

     Today was my second torture therapy session.  It started out with electro-shock therapy. I was once again instructed to strip down.  I think this is to prevent me from running away once the torture begins.  Electrodes were attached to my neck and back.  ‘You will feel vibrations, ” she said. Vibrations is putting it mildly.  What I felt was shocking.  So shocking that my body was moving involuntarily.  I couldn’t control my arms, shoulders, and legs.  After what seemed like a lifetime, the tormenter returned, removed the electrodes, and began the abrasive rubbing.  It seemed as though she were trying to separate my muscles from my bones.  This time I didn’t care, because I was so relieved that the electro-shock therapy had ended.
     Once the tormenter was through I was instructed to get dressed.  By this point I could hardly move.  I dressed and was immediately escorted to the next chamber.  Here the doctor came in and instructed me to lay face down.  Once I was on the table she put a staple gun on my back and neck and stapled me back together.  Perhaps if they hadn’t torn me apart this step would not have been necessary.  When I finally returned home I noticed that I did not have any staples in my body.  Perhaps the leftover electricity in my body had rejected them or, more likely, there were never any staples to begin with.

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