Butt Invasion (with Bonus Song)

It all started on a sunny, warm day.  I went to the doc for tummy troubles.  I left with a long list of instructions, 2 bottles of poison, a restricted diet, and an appointment for an upper GI and butt invasion, AKA colonoscopy.

Anyone who has had a butt invasion will tell you that the worst part is the prep.  I can’t say they are wrong.  If you are under 50 and having a butt invasion, it is probably safe to assume that the test is scheduled because you are having digestive issues.  So why do they give you poison to drink that causes more “issues”?  I know, it has a specific purpose, but it just seems a bit silly to me.

That wasn’t the worst part for me.  The worst part was the waiting.  About 10 years ago I had an upper GI and I woke up during the procedure.  Waking up with a tube down your esophagus is not pleasant.  It was quite scary.  So I was a bit nervous today.  I was sure to tell each and every person that I came in contact with today that I was nervous and each person assured me that I would not wake up because they now use a different drug to prevent that from happening.  But, I was still nervous.  And when I’m nervous, I sing.  So I sang this song:


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